Brazil under transformation

Brazil has faced several political and economic challenges. Now the economy is expected to grow after 3 years of recession. . The government is prioritizing resumption of growth and reduction of unemployment Reforms and privatization programs will offer companies business opportunities in the coming

Bolivia develops its forestry and mining sectors

Bolivia is located in Western-Central South America. It is bordered to the North and East by Brazil to the Southeast by Paraguay, to the South by Argentina, to the Southwest by Chile, and to the Northwest by Peru. Bolivia is geographically the largest landlocked country in the Americas.

ICT of the Bahrain Economic Development

Finnish-Arabic Trade Association organized a seminar “Why Bahrain for Technology Companies” in Helsinki on 6th April 2017. Mr. John Kilmartin, Executive Director – ICT of the Bahrain Economic Development gave a presentation on the theme. Bahrain offers an ideal location for technology

Ethiopia – your next business destination

Last year, Ethiopia reached the 100 million inhabitants milestone, remaining the second most populated country on the Continent. This impressive population growth in the last few decades goes hand-in-hand with the fastest economic growth seen in an African non-oil economy: with real GDP growth

Have a look at the emerging Mexican circular economy market

The full scope of circulation economy is rapidly emerging in Mexico, hence presenting significant business possibilities for Finnish companies. Mexico is a federal republic in the southern half of North America with an estimated population of over 120 million. It is the eleventh most populous

Why Many Companies Choose Chicago Over Other U.S. Cities?

Multiple Finnish companies have decided to establish their first office in the United States in  Chicago due to city’s easy accessibility, cost effectiveness, availability of talented workforce, and diversified and dynamic economy. Chicago is a thriving metropolis located in the state of Illinois